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Coastal Spine and Rehab Center Services

Chiropractic Care

Rather than fixing your problem, Dr. Theresa removes any misalignments in your spine that are preventing your body from working at its full function. Your body does the work – we’re just the facilitator that releases your potential!

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

If you’ve been sidelined by pain that has prevented you from participating in all the activities you enjoy, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can get you back in the game. Many common conditions (both acute and chronic) can be relieved through this effective approach to healing.

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Clinical Massage Therapy

You may have found yourself wondering how a massage differs when administered at a spa versus in a clinical setting. After all, they both involve someone applying pressure to your body, right? Well, although they do share that similarity, there are many important distinctions between the two. It’s also essential to understand those differences for your own health and well being

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Personal Injury

A personal injury can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Some of those reasons can range from car accidents to defective products or assault. If you or a loved one are experiencing any pain resulting from circumstances beyond your control, it is important that you make sure you clearly understand the extent of your injuries so that you can receive the proper long-term care.

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