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Hudson Chiropractor Helps You Feel Better, Fast

Coastal Spine and Rehab Center Relieves Your Pain

welcome-dr-theresa-crandallHealing begins as soon as you walk through the door at Coastal Spine and Rehab Center. Our warm, welcoming environment is just the place for you to start achieving a better quality of life and return to doing the things you love. Hudson Chiropractor Dr. Theresa Crandall is a compassionate and caring practitioner who works to relieve your pain and enhance your well-being.

We practice a “treat and release” philosophy without extended treatment plans. So when your pain is gone, you can decide when you would like to return to see us!

Providing Compassion, Respect and Understanding

The nurturing support you’ll receive from the Coastal Spine and Rehab Center team will help you heal physically, spiritually and mentally.

Dr. Theresa cares for all ages with her loving, empathetic demeanor. She’ll take all the time necessary to listen carefully to your concerns and has a particular focus on older adults, giving them back the active lives they had enjoyed before pain got in the way. Your treatment is created based on your particular needs, customized to what is most appropriate for your condition.

Improving Your Alignment for Better Function

The brain and spinal cord manage and control every function in your body. When the spine moves out of alignment, nerves are compressed, which results in discomfort. It takes just the weight of a dime to affect your nerve and cause numbness, tingling or pain. Dr. Theresa seeks to remove any misalignments so that your body can use its powerful natural healing abilities. In addition to chiropractic care, she also offers Contrast Stone Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to provide patients with safe and effective pain relief.

Convenient same-day appointments are available. Dr. Theresa offers free consultations so that you can find out if you’re a chiropractic candidate. Insurance can be used for your visits, including Medicare. Contact us today to get started!

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